The Bells


On Labor Day, September 1, 1958, our church celebrated with special religious services and a testimonial dinner, the acquisition and dedication of three new bronze bells, the kind gift of Mrs. Katherine Keffalas and her children, Dorothy, Alice, Elias, Evelyn, Pete, Spero, Alberta and Petro.  The bells as as the electrical ringing apparatus were donated to the church in memory of the father, John L Keffalas, Petros L. Keffalas and Alexander P Lemos.


The bells were cast at the Petit-Fritisen Foundry in Aarle-Rixel, The Netherlands, and were procured through the I. T. Verdin Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Used to call the faithful to worship, during religious services and to toll a death in the parish, the bells weigh 760, 365 and 225 lbs. each, peal the musical notes B, F sharp, and D sharp.  Each bell bears the raised image of a patron saint of the three deceased members of the Keffalas family, the apostles Peter and John and St. Alexander, archbishop of Constantinople.


The utility and enduring beauty of these bronze bells serve as a fitting memorial contribution to the enhancement of our church.

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